Fiction and reality collide

It’s almost been two years since we heard about that strange flu first discovered in China. Our lives have been upended ever since. We are slowly coming to terms that we will never return to life as we knew it before.

What I wasn’t ready for was it to be depicted in the fictional world. Recently I was confronted with this twice in one week. Not only was I not prepared for it, I was also overwhelmed by the emotions I experienced.

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China v’s USA: Observations from an outsider

After living in China for nine years a move to the US would seem to be a significant change. In some respects these countries are complete opposites. There is so much written about the major political and cultural differences of these two nations that have come to represent the East and the West, I can’t really contribute more to the conversation. However, I can make some observations on the small things.

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Where the wild things are

I’m sitting in my backyard, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. And also, the wildlife that regularly visits us.

As a girl growing up on a farm in Australia, I’m ashamed to admit I never appreciated how lucky I was to grow up surrounded by nature. Kangaroos, emus, cockatoos and galahs, and yes, snakes and spiders were all a part of the experience.

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Job hunting in a new world, part 2

“Use this opportunity. Make this not only a hunt for a job, but a hunt for a life. A deeper life, a victorious life, a life you’re prouder of.”

What color is your parachute, Richard N Bolles

A few months ago I wrote about job hunting in a new world and the two books I planned to use as a guide as I explored what my next career step would be; What color is your parachute? by Richard N Bolles and Designing your life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

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