Observations of an autumn day

I couldn’t have picked a better day to practice shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). Today was a classic autumn day. Cool. Crisp. Blue skies. Beautiful.

This past month has been busy. There hasn’t been much opportunity to go for a long walk. And I could feel it. The walls closing in. A tightness in my chest. The feeling of being constricted.

Other than choosing a place and a time I don’t plan or think too much about the practice. I let instinct take me wherever. After a month of planned days, today felt like a release. Freedom.

Some how my walk evolves into a close up observation of nature surrounding me. As I walk I stop to notice the small things. The colours, textures, shadows, sounds and smells.

img_9338.jpgThe red berries nestled among the green leaves.

img_9340.jpgThe sharp spiky needles.

img_9342.jpgThe tiny fish swimming among the reeds.

img_9344.jpgThe fluorescent green algae.

img_9346.jpgThe bark peeling off the tree.

img_9351.jpgThe cold smooth stones.

img_9355.jpgThe thick spongy grass.

img_9356.jpgThe rustle as I walk through the autumn leaves.

img_9360.jpgThe roots straining down to reach the waters edge.

img_9361-e1572939961981.jpgThe sunlight shining through the leaves.

IMG_9364The scarred fruit fallen on the ground.

img_9368.jpgThe contrast between the blue sky and the yellow berries.

img_9392.pngAnd finally the gracefulness of tai chi. Surely the most peaceful form of exercise?

Breathe …..


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