I’ve just been diagnosed with FOMOOF!

I’ve just been diagnosed with FOMOOF!

OK, so I diagnosed myself. And I also totally made up the condition. But that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. And I’m willing to bet that there are other people out there with FOMOOF. I know that I am not alone.

So what is FOMOOF and how did I get it?

FOMOOF is Fear Of Missing Out On Food. It is part of the FOMO range of conditions. FOMO is usually associated with social occasions and forces people to go out when they are really tired or even when an actual doctor has diagnosed them with an illness. You can often spot these people when they tell you they can’t drink because they are “on antibiotics”.

So when did I get FOMOOF? As far as I can tell I’ve had it since childhood. I can clearly remember eating so much at a friend’s birthday party that I vomited afterwards. I could not stop myself eating the fairy bread, chocolate crackles and ice cream birthday cake plus the copious cups of cola I consumed. None of which we would ever have on a normal day at home.

Image result for chocolate crackles

Which also leads me to suspect that FOMOOF may be genetic. My family haven’t had the testing yet but I won’t be surprised if at least one or two of them also suffer from FOMOOF. It’s something I plan to discuss with them over Christmas dinner next month.

I came to suspect I may have FOMOOF while I have been living in China. Access to many of my favourite foods in China can be limited, either I just can’t get them or they are very expensive. As a result I go totally crazy when I return to Australia (or visit England). I consume huge amounts of cheese, chocolate, chocolate milk, chocolate desserts, fish and chips, steak, sausages, pastries all with the excuse that I can’t get this in China. I’ve also noticed lately that just before I leave China and just after I arrive I am compelled to eat dumplings, Chinese BBQ sticks and hot pot because, well, I can’t get this in Australia (or England).

Image result for chinese bbq sticks

Now I know I have this condition I am much more aware of my compulsions and will try to control my obsession. However, I also realise that this is something I will live with for the rest of my life.

My name is Kim and I am living with FOMOOF.

So, hands up, who else thinks they have FOMOOF?


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